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Why you need more than a website online

As the internet has grown, so too has its reach and its impact on our personal and professional lives. Imagine a life without Facebook, Twitter and Google, for example.

Previously, for your business to have a presence online, all you needed was a website. Now, however, you can and should be doing so much more.

It starts with LinkedIn

If you haven’t used it, then it’s time to explore LinkedIn. This is the social networking site that is designed for professionals and businesses to interact with each other. It’s not only a great tool for sharing news and information but a great place for recruitment, procurement and building lasting business relationships.

Accounting Software

In days gone by, when you travelled away from the office, you left the accounts department behind, only to return with pocket-fulls of receipts to the dismay of the book keeping staff. Now, with online accounting software, you really can take your business accounts with you anywhere in the world, so that you can keep an eye on the management accounts from any connected device. On top of that, many of the larger accountancy software providers also offer apps which allow you to use your smartphone to scan and submit receipts, meaning you don’t have to store them all up in your wallet or bag for when you get home.

Recruitment and Procurement

Let’s be honest, we have all looked at various job posting and recruitment websites to “see what’s around”, particularly on a frustrating Monday morning or after your latest meeting with your board. Why not harness that power by posting your own recruitment needs online and increasing your company’s vacancy visibility? There are online companies that will offer full management of adverts across multiple platforms and providers, taking the hassle out of recruitment for you.

When it comes to procurement, there’s a range of opportunities too. From eAuctions, allowing you to pit your potential suppliers against each other, to contract and project management. Scanmarket, a leading provider in the procurement management field also offer spend analyses and supply base management, meaning you have can fully manage not just your procurement but the management too.

Cloud Based Solutions

Utilising online services is great, but what about storing all the information your business uses, creates and moves on a day to day basis. By moving your storage online, you reduce the costs of running servers on your business network and you are also protected by the advanced security the leader providers offer.

So, is your online presence just a website, or are you prepared to take it further?
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