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How To Use Beard Oil & Beard Balm In A Beard Care Routine?

Men love to grow a beard if it happens the way they want it to. The man’s mane seems like a signature to them that they just can’t do without. It hardly matters what their professional life demands, men in all sphere of their life are proud to flaunt their facial hair. It adds a charm to their personality and a wildness in their appearance which lead them to a great confidence level.

The opposite can happen to men who suffer a lot, either to have them or to get rid of the whiskers in the fully grown man. And it becomes really disgusting for them if they are unable to grow it or maintain it. However, everything does have a solution, and to have a well-maintained beard is not a rocket science either. So, before you think it is impossible to tame your beard, think again.

Here are the best products that will help you to accomplish a well-manageable mane that is a beard growth oil and a beard balm. It comes with a number of benefits for the beard. Now, you might get a bit confused as what could be the possible difference in both of these products. Here we can explain:

Beard oil and beard balm

A beard oil is a product that is specially formulated with ingredients which is beneficial for the facial hair of a man. It is mainly used to massage the skin beneath the beard. The product is made with essential oils, anti-bacterial ingredients, and provided with light scents. The beard balm, on the other hand, is a cosmetic product that is made by a mixture of ingredients, heated, cooled and formed into pomade. These are basically cream-based products that can be used as a conditioner for the beard.

If one can provide the required nutrients for the proper growth of the beard (which is oil), the other can condition it to make it look shiny and lustrous (which is the beard balm).

After knowing the difference between both the products, it is clear that not any one of them can work without the other. To get the best result, one should always opt for both the products. However, using both can be a bit tricky. So, here is how you can use these products to achieve the desired results.

Beard care routine using beard oil and beard balm

You can prepare routine when to use the beard oil. First of all, beard oil is meant for promoting growth to the beard, which means you can apply it to the skin directly. In fact, the beard oil has nothing to do with the hair strands since all the nutrients are supplied through the root which is skin. After atking a bath every day, take few drops of beard oil and apply it into the root (skin) from which the hair grows. Massage it for a few minutes. This will help nourish the skin beneath the beard, removes the flakes that are caused out of dryness and helps to reduce the itchiness.

The beard balm is mainly for styling, just like the beard wax. It will keep you hold the beard, reduce frizziness, makes it appear shiny and lustrous and provide the conditioning. Take out a small amount and rub to spread in on your palms. Apply the same on the beard covering it as a whole.

You can use these products once daily, that is in the morning before you leave for the day. You can use the beard balm twice depending on the condition or requirement. Both these product will help to have a well-maintained beard effortlessly. However, you should always wash it off before going to sleep, which will help it get some natural air and moisture

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