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Top Samsung washing machines with best features

When buying a washing machine every customer expects the best as it is going to be a long term investment. But it does need some kind of basic research so that the fair choice can be made based on features, price and brand. Here we have for you the best   washing machines that offer some really great features with the washing machine price list. Just have a look at them and go for the one that you find the best for you.

  •         Samsung WT85M4200HB 
This machine is perfect for people who are on a budget as it is priced at INR 14,900. It is a semi automatic machine and is top loading. It has a capacity of 8.5Kg which is enough for a family of three people. The machine weighs 31 Kg and has a spin speed of 1350 rpm which is descent for the price range. It is made up of PP rust proof plastic and works on a power supply of AC 220 V. The machine consumes 340 W power consumption.

  •         Samsung WA65M4000HA

If you have higher budgets go for this fully automatic washing machine. It has a capacity of 6.5 Kg and is top loading. It has seven fully automatic preset wash programs and works on wobble pulsator. It has a unique ice blue display that makes it look more attractive. It is priced at INR 20,300 and you can get it at a discount online. The machine works on 220 Volts power supply and comes in a silver metallic finish body.

  •         Samsung WA75M4500HP

This is the best fully automatic machine with a capacity of 7.5 Kg. It comes with ore installed 6 wash programs and works on Wobble Pulsator. It needs a normal power supply of 220 V and has a dimension of 540 x 926 x 568 mm. It also has special feature for washing blankets and delicates that you can choose. The machine is priced at INR 19,999 which makes this machine the best in the class when comparing to the features that it has.

  •  Samsung WA90J5730SS

 If you have a large family then this is the best choice that you can go for. This is a fully automatic top loading machine and has a capacity of 9 Kg which is great for joint families. The machine weighs 45 Kg and has a unique second diamond drum. It has ten water level selections as well and is priced at INR 30,900.


So these are the best Samsung washing machine with the best features. Make sure that you keep in mind your requirements and budget before you buy them as a washing machine is one of the most used electronic appliances in the house.
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