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Why media companies are shifting their attention from Facebook to YouTube

If you ask people about their preference between Facebook and Youtube then there are high chances that you will get a lot of answers in the support of Facebook. But what if we tell you that the reality is completely opposite to this and Youtube is 20 times more engaging than Facebook? Don’t believe it? Well, stick with us a little longer because today we will tell you how and why is Youtube a better platform than Facebook.

Why Youtube?

Let’s face it that if Facebook is a good platform that can be used for entertainment purposes but if you are someone who wants to make some real time money or take his or her business to the next level then Youtube is the site that you need to consider. Most importantly, Youtube is becoming popular among the media companies out there because people are now finally realizing that this platform can do wonders when it comes to grabbing the attention of the audience because right now there are way more people on Youtube than Facebook. So, it an undeniable fact that you need to choose that platform for your company which has more number of users.

Several companies like the Thirty Five Media recently announced that they had a deal with Youtube to create individual Youtube channels for athletes including the NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns and NFL star Richard Sherman. Says https://newswirenext.com/.

It’s a safe harbor for the publishers

We all know the fact that Facebook watch hasn’t yet taken off as a good revenue source for the publishers on the internet. Moreover this network has deprioritized the publisher content which is the biggest turn off for the media companies. On the other hand when it comes to Youtube, this platform provides a safe harbor to all the publishers who want to step up their game in the video business. Specially here on Youtube the publishers can get direct sell into their videos and this is so far the best thing about this platform.

Moreover, according to Ed Cal Media Agency, publishers have recognized that a lot of people go to Youtube in order to watch videos and they prefer Youtube over Facebook. Now, this again is a clear indication that when it comes to the video business, Youtube is where you need to put all your focus on. This network supports long form viewing and here you don’t specifically need to sell something.

 In fact, here you can start a Youtube channel of your own and build a proper fan base because 
you never know when your channel becomes successful and when it gets picked by major networks.

We now hope that you got the answer to your question about the attention of media towards Youtube. 

So, if you are someone who is in the video or media business then you need to make a Youtube channel right now and start working on it because sooner or later, you are going to need that channel for your business.
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