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The Top 5 VPS Servers UK

The UK is known for many innovative technologies that have ranked the best in the world for so long regarding quality, originality, and functionality. These qualities have extended to the computing world, and that explains why in the UK there are some of the best world class VPS Servers. From the definition of a virtual machine, then a VPS is an online virtual machine that resides on the server to provide customized usage to the clients. Let us explore the top five VPS servers in the UK today.
  1. Ezee Hosting
Ezee is a cool shared hosting site that resides in the UK. It offers a variety of services including web hosting, online storage, web building amongst many other services. With their fast speeds, having included the VPS will benefit its users in accessing one of the world's fastest computing speeds that will enable them to process whatever data they may want to handle that their personal computers are not capable.

It is an SSD cloud VPS Server in UK  bundled with the latest technology that will see you settle for the next ten years before you can think of otherwise.
  1. Aruba Cloud
Aruba Cloud is another SSD cloud sever entirely based in the UK. It runs the great VMware technology that we have at one point used to test new operating systems in our personal computers. They offer VPS services for as low as 1€ per month. Its usage is simplified so that you don’t have to visit every site on the internet trying to find a tutorial explaining the usage of some sophisticated software.
  1. CloudSpace
This is a multi-platform VPS Server that aims at meeting the needs of both Windows and Linux enthusiasts. It comes with customizable themes to choose from depending on what one finds pleasing to them. The customizations do not, however, come with a low price but it is worth the services you receive, especially with the multiple OS on top of other features such as full KVM access.
  1. Certa Hosting
Unlike the other VPS Servers we have discussed before, this one is a unique one. It is a dedicated virtual private server that seems to have been a modification of CloudSpace. It also runs multiple platforms-Windows and Linux just like CloudSpace and is designed with the business needs in mind. Business needs better speed and privacy than individuals, and for that case, Certa Hosting proves to be the best solution. SSD technology also powers this server and this explains it fast speeds.
  1. OVH VPS
This is a performance and security driven VPS Server that provides dominant processing powers to the clients. It features are mostly cloud based such as Cloud RAM, Cloud Virtual Private Servers, etc. and run on the SSD technology which has proven to provide good speeds. The coverage of such services is almost global and thus, is regionalized according to the customizations every region needs based on their technological capacity, for example, Singapore has a significant ability and better security therefore, have dedicated servers. RAM storage depends on the package you purchased. 
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