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SEO in 2018 - What are the New Trends to Follow?

SEO trends have been changing since the start because of new trends kicking in every passing year. Search engines weren’t this advanced before and even low and spammy content had great chances of getting at the top without any problem. Now that search engines only support quality content to be at the top.

The old SEO techniques start to get inappropriate with time because of constantly emerging and game-changing technologies. With increasing search engines smartness, your SEO strategy has to be really smart too. The new trends of SEO keep coming in as people continue to find ways to rank up in search engines and as users demand the content.

Let’s have a look at the next game-changing SEO trends in 2018, which will help getting ranked up much easier.

1. Quality content

The old keywords stuffing style has gotten older, now what matters most is quality. Your keywords shouldn’t look placed, but they should be simmering in the content naturally, so they don’t get noticed as a technique to get rankings. Your main keyword now should be in the title of your content, if you don’t put up the relevant keyword in the title and then discuss it in the content, you will have really thin chances of getting ranked up.

The content should also be well structured so users can understand it easily without confusions. In order to gain organic traffic, you should have a user-friendly content on your website. If you don’t put up content according to user requirements, it won’t be hard for internet users to find the other website which gives them the required material.

So, please be smart and don’t focus on quantity and spam over quality. With increasing competition, quality should be your core focus because, in 2018, only quality will sustain.

2. Keep it short

Nobody has time these days because there is so much available that users find it no issue to quickly move to the next best content rather than wasting time reading your extensive content. So, wasting your time in writing widespread content which doesn’t have exact asked information will just increase your bounce rate. So, be accurate and provide the exact answers to the questions asked by users.

Also, giving quick short answers help you get ranked up in search engines as Google Answer Box focuses on finding the short answers to questions and feature them as a snippet in an appealing way in search results.

3. AI will intervene search results

As Artificial Intelligence is becoming parts of our lives gradually, it will have more impact on many aspects of daily searches. A local SEO company located in Sydney which is expert at SEO of all kinds also confirms that artificial intelligence will have a great impact on search results in upcoming years. RankBrain is the Google AI machine which helps the company to process search results. RankBrain is already handling 15% of Google search queries.

4. Mobile will get way more importance than web

All the mobile landing pages should be user-friendly, SEO friendly and special mobile keywords should be focused on content because mobile searching will even boom in 2018. Optimizing for mobile should be your focus in 2018.

5. Don't ignore link building

Link building will remain just as important in the upcoming years because backlinks give you a strong base and give more credibility to your content. Link building also gives your content to be seen by more users through platforms so don’t forget its importance, and it will hopefully not be obsolete very soon.
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