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Why CRMs are Essential for Customer Service

CRM stands for customer relationship management. If you’re not carrying out good CRM in your business, chances are your customers are being neglected. Here are 3 very important reasons you should be doing CRM.

This might seem a bit daunting if you’re a new business or haven’t tried harnessing CRM before, but luckily there are plenty of CRM software providers available. They can make customer management easy! You can find my personal recommendation at the end of this article.

Keep Every Employee up to Date

A CRM system keeps a record. It will track the sales each individual customer makes, as well as the promotional material they’ve been sent and other details about who they are. The great thing about CRMs is that you can give all your employees access to this data. So, should a customer call up customer service, or come into a store, your employees will instantly be up to date with what products the customer buys and any promotions they’ve used in the past… even if they’ve never dealt with that customer before.

This makes your business very professional and allows you to keep everyone on the same page at the same time.

No Customer Let Down

A CRM software is mostly free from human error. For example, say a customer calls up customer service to say that they want to return products because they are damaged. Your protocol might be to offer customers with damaged products a voucher as well as replacement product. You can easily set up a CRM to automatically issue that voucher and notify the warehouse when a customer has this calls up with this problem.

This streamlines your processes: while an employee might forget to issue the voucher, a CRM is programmed to never forget!

Win New Customers

As your CRM continues to deliver fantastic promotional material and personalised sales proposals to your customers, you’ll find that word of mouth spreads. Customers start forwarding great emails to their friends. To boost this further, you could try running an “invite a friend” promotion where both customer and friend get a reward for purchasing from you.

The CRM will track the sales and follow up with the new customers for you! Without a CRM this would be a very tricky promotion to run, hence why a CRM is so essential to customer service and attracting new business.

You have a lot of choice when it comes to picking a CRM, but a good place to start looking is at webCRM, a cloud-based solution. I’ve been impressed with their prices and overall usability of their CRM service. You can find the webpage here to view the service for yourself.
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