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Cost of Web Hosting for Small Business

There are lots of queries that come to the mind of small business and startup owners when they are planning to launch their websites.

Most of the business owners deal with the questions such as,What will be the budget? How much cost will be for web hosting packages? Are there any plans for business in place? Besides answering the above questions, it is nearly important to recognize types of web hosting platforms which one is appropriate for your business or if you require any kind of a web development services.

It is necessary for planning your business needs in the initial stage of a website otherwise it usually happens you invest in a large amount and then you realize that your decision was not upto the mark.

This post will help you to take the necessary decision at your initial stage, to make it sure that you don't waste your precious time and money.

Business Planning
Having an exceptional business idea in your mind and which type of idea will you think it will work in your future. In this stage, you think it’s time to purchase any web hosting plan to make your business online, but that's not all right!

Before you assume how much will be the charge for making your site online, it is necessary to make business planning’s in place. A sound business strategy will give a successful pathway. Before starting a business venture, it is very important to understand where you see yourself?and how to get there!

Budget Planning
Once you are done with your business planning’s and ideas, the next stage is determining your budget. You can consider the following aspects while planning your budget:
  • What is a one-time investment?
  • What is fixed costs?
  • What are fluctuating expenses?
  • What is the income source?
However, there are several points included in determining a budget, preparing few basics can help you to plan better.  It is essential to notice that a web host can charge you between some hundred dollars to thousand each year and ideal web hosting plans for you can be determined on the base of what you require to gain and what type of website you want to create.

Choosing a Web Hosting Service

There are numbers of hosting service provider available and each provider offers the different experience. There are few web hosts that offer competitive price in the starting and then hike the cost at renewal period and however, there are few web hosting providers that guarantee the best support and customer care but they fail to deliver the service, therefore you have to be careful while choosing a web hosting company.

Look for a web host that truly wants to support you and wants to be a part of your business success story. There are some web hosting providers that offer great add-ons and special discounts for small business and startup enterprises; those are honest as they wish to extend and continue to support in the growth of your business.

How much will it cost for a web hosting?

Cost of a web hosting is one of the major factors that come to mind while searching for a web hosting provider for a website. The web hosting plans cost depends on the types of web hosting and its configurations that are required for your site. Web hosting package cost also depends on what billing cycle you prefer, whereas in case of the quarterly or monthly billing period, per month charges are little higher, but if you select to go with annual billing cycle then the per month costing will be affordable for your hosting package.

If you are looking for an affordable web hosting package we will recommend MilesWeb web hosting service as they offer high specification and pocket-friendly hosting packages you can select from:

Affordable Web Hosting Package: Starting at INR 975 / Year
If you are looking for a reliable and low-cost web hosting service, then MilesWeb offers an affordable web hosting plans that are best suited for you. You can instantly host your site and upgrade your hosting package whenever needed. The web hosting packages come with add-ons and high specification servers.

  • Free daily backups and restore
  • Fast and protected high specification servers
  • Free email accounts
  • Malware removal and scanning
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
Linux VPS Hosting Package: Starting at 667.50 / Month
A Linux VPS server means extra power, better control, and flexibility. Signing up with VPS hosting is basically related as to hosting on a dedicated server without paying for dedicated server price. If you are looking for fast page loading time, excellent stability, and quicker service, then opting for a Linux VPS hosting is the right option for you.

  • Dedicated IP
  • Host multiple websites
  • Instant upgrade
  • Free VPS backups
  • Full Root SSH access
  • E-commerce compatible
  • Host unlimited domains and sub-domains
  • Choice of data center location: India, US, UK, and Romania
WordPress Hosting Package: Starting at INR 319.20 / Month
WordPress is the most suitable and affordable hosting option for people those who want to develop their sites in short time. The WordPress covers a wide range of themes, extensions, and plugins that make the webmasters develop the website with ease and as they want to.

MilesWeb’s provides latest SSD hardware for WordPress hosting that is perfectly tuned to assure the best performance.

  • Daily backups
  • Account isolation
  • Latest WordPress version
  • Webuzo control panel
  • Malware Scan
  • Professional themes and pre-installed plugins
cPanel Hosting: Starting at INR 109 / Month
Basic shared hosting package powered with cPanel control panel is the most commonly used economical hosting platforms.

A user-friendly cPanel control panel allows managing your website folders and files, enables creating email accounts, domains and sub-domains, etc. You are also offered with ‘Softaculous’ one-click installer which enables installing any applications on your site with few clicks.

  • Free domain name
  • Free website builder
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Secured email accounts
  • Daily automated backups
  • SSD storage
  • Choice of data center location: India, US, UK, and Romania
It is equally important to give value to a website security with a cost of web hosting plans or packages.The features like SSL certificate and Malware protection has become necessary.  If you require a good high ranking of your website in the search engine, then getting the SSL certificate installed on a website is essential; hence opt for such web hosting package that includes SSL certificates.

Carefully, analyze the disk space, bandwidth, and configurations of web host package and understand whether they provide the necessary resources for your site and then get registered for that hosting package.

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I am a professional working in a web hosting business and I wanted to share my views on traditional web hosting. If you are interested in knowing more about hosting then visit:Dedicated Server Hosting in India.
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