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Have You Installed Air Conditioner in Your Restaurant?

If you are running a restaurant business then it is very important to install suitable air conditioner in the premises. Not only it attracts customers, who prefer to visit any comfortable restaurant, but also it will help in preserving the food stuff at the restaurant. The reputation of your restaurant will also be better if your restaurant is fully air conditioned.

While choosing the right air conditioner for your restaurant you have to consider to buy one that is able to maintain cool temperature even if there is large crowd inside the restaurant. Besides that your air conditioner must be quite energy efficient so that it does not unnecessarily add up to the cost.
Following are few things to consider while choosing the air conditioner for your restaurant.
  • Look for aesthetics
The air conditioner that you choose for the restaurant should in no way detract the aesthetics of the restaurant. Some of the models of Lloyd air conditioners are pretty attractive and can be installed in the restaurant and add beauty to the surroundings. There are air conditioners that can either be wall mounted or ceiling mounted.
  • Look for energy efficient AC
Restaurant AC will run during most part of the day. Therefore, its electricity bill may go too high if you do not choose an energy efficient AC. There are few varieties of air conditioners available which are quite energy efficient. In addition to that you need to manage your restaurant so that no unnecessary AC ever runs during working hours. Make sure to switch off AC in any area where there are no customers present in the restaurant.
  • Go for a split AC
Split AC’s are usually more effective in cooling the larger area and therefore it can be a preferable option for most of the restaurants. These types of AC generally have internal and external unit which are joined by wiring harnesses. Due to this reason it occupies lesser space and generally they are installed at higher level from the floor. Installation for such AC may be little complex. However, after the installation it can keep the surroundings cool for considerable duration.
  • Consider packaged air conditioners
If you prefer to install packaged air conditioners, then it will consist of a single indoor unit along with a discrete connection that will pass through a wall to the outside. This means such kind of system can only be mounted on the outside wall, hence the seating place within the restaurant will be limited. These units are combined with very high efficiency heat pump along with ceramic heaters so that it can provide year-round heating and also cooling in the summer.
  • Ducted AC system
In most of the bigger restaurants, you can often find ducted AC systems that are supplied by Daikin AC and many others. This is ideal choice for any restaurants and cafes where there is usually a large gathering. However, this option is little more expensive as compared to all other options discussed above. 
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