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Ways by Which a Business Benefits with Server Colocation Hosting

Managing a company’s IT in-house can become a costly as well as complicated affair especially for the small businesses. They do not have the finance to buy the required infrastructure nor the staff to manage the server. Appointing an administrator and other technically qualified experts can again add to the expenditure. They should consider co-locating the server.

When an organization moves their in-house servers to a third-party data center utilizing the rack space, infrastructure and power, it is called server colocation hosting. It works as an ideal solution for the online businesses as it enables them to avail the required infrastructure like continuous power, bandwidth, physical security without the need of investing on it.

Assured uptime and low latency:

The third-party data center is well equipped with all the infrastructure like power backups, cooling solutions, safety devices and the respective technical personnel to manage and maintain the equipment. The main advantage of server colocation hosting is that a business can be assured of more than 99.95% network uptime and speed as the server infrastructure is handled and monitored constantly by highly qualified and experienced professionals who work around the clock.

No investment on infrastructure:

The most significant benefit for the small organizations with server colocation hosting is the money they save which can put in for business expansion. Your servers require incessant power supply. To make sure that power is available you need to equip your data center with UPS, generators, etc.

Keeping your systems continuously on may heat them up and burn them out so the data centers must have cooling solutions like air-conditioners, coolers, heat removal units etc. You also require fire extinguishers, water leakage detection units to safeguard the plant from any untoward mishap. Then you must consider items like diesel, distilled water, and other similar accessories. All these procurements require a lot of investments which may not be viable for every business. 

Eliminates the need of technical manpower:

When you move your server to a data center in India, you have huge savings on operational costs by choosing the managed services. Getting qualified technical experts is not easy and they are a high-cost investment for you. The data center owners take responsibility for the management and maintenance of all the hardware components and software updates and security patches.

Better security:

You can expect an enhanced security system that may not be possible in your in-house data center. Around the clock manning by security officers, surveillance by CCTV cameras, entry only with biometric card etc are a few security measures that are adopted which again requires a good amount of monetary investment.  

No heavy energy bills:

Perhaps, one compelling advantage of server colocation hosting is the huge savings on power bills. The consumption of power can go extremely high which a small business cannot afford. Similarly, the bandwidth can be an expensive affair which you avoid at colocation.

Business continuity:

Server colocation hosting comes to be very useful in case you are relocating your business.  Your business will run smoothly without having to close even while you shift. You can inform your customers about the new location online at any time. In-house servers would have required you to shut your business for some time or you must copy and run your business at both the locations for a while to avoid any downtime but adding to expenditure and wasting time.

Server colocation hosting gives you control over the infrastructure. In case you find your site not performing to full capacity, you may increase the capacity without waiting for your host’s approval. Colocation server gives you the powers of a dedicated server without the high costs.

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