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Unique and advanced features of online backup

Requirement of data backup is increasing day by day because there are many cases have been occurred in which data is lost completely. So, it will be best to create backup of data on daily basis. It is sure that user will create new data either in less amount or in huge amount. So, add new data in backup file and use it whenever you want. There are number of service provider companies available in the market for both free and paid. If you do not have believed on such service providers for backup creation, then you can try the free service for backup. There are number of advanced features which you will get in paid version of backup software.

Features of backup which are given by service provider are listed below:

Incremental backup

It is one of most important feature of backup service providers which saves large space which s taken by duplicate documents. In this backup, it is sure that only new files and modified files added to the previous backup. Incremental backup saves complete backup on the cloud storage.

Open file backup

Due to power loss, your laptop will shut down and files will remain open. New or modified data will not save in the laptop. Open file backup feature gives the permission to the system to create backup when you are working on it. If data is not saved and power has gone, then do not worry about data loss. When you start your laptop, you will see that your data has already been backed up.

Automated backup

This is one of most convenient feature of backup service provider. You will have to install the backup software in your system which is provided by service providers. In the software, set the time and date on which you want to create backup and software will create backup on the preset date and time automatically. Fix the time in the setting option of the backup software and data backup will be created on your device and as well as on the cloud storage which is provided by service providers. One other advantage is that data backup process will resume automatically when you start your laptop again is you shut it down during backup process.

File sharing

Cloud storage backup service provider will also give you facility of file sharing. You will get the option to add friends or colleagues in your account if you want to share your data with them. Your friends or colleagues will only read files and not able to modify or change the files.

File security 

During backup, file security is essential feature so that no other third party can get access to the data. For this, encryption is used by all backup service providers. it has been seen that all of the service providers use 256 – bit AES encryption and SSL.

File archiving

This is the feature that keeps your old files in your backup storage account with your new files. If this feature is not applicable, then you will not be able to access your old data backup and its files.
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