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How can you use SEO to increase your online business?

One of the most commonly asked questions which we get ask time to time is,

‘What is SEO, how does it work and can it fix my business?”

Now, this may seem like a bit of an oxymoron when you think about the fact that our most popular question is actually three questions delivered in one message, but anyway let’s continue.

To address this question we will break it up into three parts, the first being, “What is SEO?”

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the conversion of a website in order to allow that site, in particular, to be indexed and cached easier by the Google search engine web crawler which will, in turn, allow the website to perform better within the Google search index.

In simple terms, we change and add some features to the website making use of different techniques which will then make sure that when you search for anything related to that website the website shows within the top search results.

Part 2: How does it work?

For this, we will make use of a Custom wood artwork company which makes use of CNC engravers as an example.

The first step for the company to contact a web design company and ask them about the possibility of the company building a website for them.

The website will be designed and a domain will be chosen and if the correct domain is chosen then it will also be able to help influence the sites search engines ratings and rankings.

Once the site has been designed the company will then start to full the website with content, and this is so basic forms of SEO begin to come into play.

When the content is being created, certain keywords and key phrases will be selected too but in the websites meta-description which when the web crawler comes to cache the website it will allow the crawler to see that the site is a strong contender in its niche area, in this case being woodwork.

The next best tactic is to make use of content marketing, where the owners will be able to blog their stories to their fan base which will allow the web design company to connect keywords to other websites in order to form a network of strong websites, so that when the website is indexed again the web crawler will see the site has a very strong presence within the selected niche, thus increasing its standings and ratings within the Google search index.

Part 3: Can it fix my business?

If you choose to make use of the correct SEO tactics you can drive a lot of new customers and clients to your website which in theory could mean that you have a sudden increase of business, however, whatever happens outside of the website in the client world is entirely your responsibility and SEO cannot fix poor craftsmanship or bad service, in fact if your customers give your business bad reviews, SEO can make the fact that your business is poor more visible on the internet, so make sure you treat your customers correctly.
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