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Why Instagram is top social media platform for engagement

Instagram is considered to be one of the biggest social media platforms today, and with an improved and impressive performance, the app is attracting millions of users from all around the world. Instagram started as a unique social media platform which was different than Facebook and Twitter, and it connected people by using pictures and videos only. When it was launched in 2010, it did not gain much attention, but as of now in 2017 it is one of the most successful social media platforms, special thanks to its improved functionality. Instagram is also considered to be an excellent platform for social media marketing as it helps you engage with a lot of audiences. With more than 700 million users the platform has a lot of potential for real engagement, and it can boost your business if you are running an Instagram marketing campaign on it. Here below are few points which will help you understand that why Instagram is a top platform for engagement. 

1# Instagram is a mobile platform
One of the biggest qualities which make Instagram a top social media network for engaging is that its approach is mobile first. Instagram is not a website you can surf on your PC Internet and post stuff, but it is a mobile-based platform. According to research if we talk about United States of America around 77% people owns a smartphone in there which makes Instagram readily available for them and ready to use anytime. Instagram has always focused on this mindset that people like to access everything instantly and with camera feature in an application with different feature lets the user share real-time moments. Also, its mobile app interface makes it very easy to watch what your friends are posting, and you can easily add your comments as well. When the app is readily available, it automatically improves its engagement with the audience.
2# It has a visual nature platform
The uniqueness of Instagram is also one of the biggest reasons for its success. Instagram lets you connect with other people in the form of pictures and videos which directly improves your engagement. This happens because the majority of the people are visual learners. People learn more easily from a picture or a video compared to an extended written text. So when advertisers saw Instagram, they saw a way to attract the audience with the help of interesting and attractive pictures. The engagement on Instagram directly depends on your image quality if the picture AD is well made then you will be able to engage with more people. If you compare Instagram to Twitter, you can see how attractive Instagram looks as it is trying to catch your attention with visuals and not with text only, as Twitter does.
3# It is a novel platform
What makes Instagram better than other social media platforms is its novelty. Instagram is a successful platform, and especially in the last couple of years, Instagram has gained millions of users dramatically. The primary reason behind that is because Instagram keeps it simple. The simplicity of the platform makes it different than Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or LinkedIn. And if you take a detailed look inside Instagram’s user base you will see the majority of audience it has attracted is under the age of 30, which means it has achieved high success in attracting young people. This is because Instagram still have that spark which most of the social media platforms have lost with time and it makes Instagram a novel platform as well.
4# Better functions
As we mentioned earlier that Instagram had achieved quite a lot of success in the past couple of years and the reason behind that is its improved functionality. Instagram has gained many features recently, and all of them have proved to be very successful. The app lets you share content worldwide, and in the meantime, it has fewer risks of spamming as well. Its story feature has also made it an even better version of Snapchat. Instagram seems to be an all in one platform, and that is why it is a top platform for engagement.

As you can see Instagram is the most efficient platform for engagement and if you work on your marketing campaign right enough you will be able to gain followers on Instagram fast, and you will engage with a bigger audience. So get started on it today.
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