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Benefits of BNW Acoustics GS-5

Make the most of your home theater experience with BNW Acoustics and the HD Series Professional Home Theater Systems. If you have yet to experience home theater surround sound firsthand prepare to be impressed. 

This 6-piece HT speaker package from BNW Acoustics Concepts Systems reproduces music and movie soundtracks with the kind of precision and clarity that may just surprise you the first time you hear it.

Product Features
  1. 250HZ – 20KHz Frequency Range
  2. Full Function Slim-Line Norway Remote Control
  3. IA 4 Series 24 Carat Gold Plated Audio / Video Connection Cable
  4. TV / Table Mount Stand for Center Channel
  5. Wall / Ceiling Mount Swivel Brackets for Satellites
  6. Universal Tuner Link Antenna
System General Features
  1. Frequency Range : 250Hz- 20KHz
  2. Sensitivity : 92dB @1w/1m/System
  3. Nominal Impedance : 4 Ω -16 Ω
  4. Dimensions : 3.5’(Satellite) (WxDxH) 10”×4”×3.5”, (Center), 8”×20”×14.5”    (Subwoofer)
  5. Power Supply : AC 10 Volts/ 60Hz
  6. Weight : 50 LBS
Limited Edition Pro-series-additional accessories
  1. Full function slim line norway remote control
  2. IA series 24 carat gold plated audio/video interconnect cable
  3. IA 5.1 -Sc hybrid cables
  4. Tv/table mount stand for center channel
  5. Wall/ceiling mount swivel brackets for satellites
  6. Universal link tuner antenna
GS-5 Specifications
  1. 2220 Watts of full power
Front-(2) @200watts magnetic/video shielded
Rear-(2) @200watts magnetic/video shielded
Center-(1) @200watts magnetic/video shielded Subwoofer  (1) @ 1200watts magnetic/video shielded
  1. Built-in 5.1 channel powered decoding receiver
  2. High quality surround production of analogue sources
  3. On screen LCD backlit display
  4. Built-in AM/FM tuner with automatic 20 station preset memory tuning
 FM Section: Tuning frequency range  87.5 -108.0 MHz Usable Sensitivity  1.0μV (11.2 dBF)
  1. Digital Interface Receiver supporting input/output terminals for any A/V system
  2. Programmable to to respond to MP4, MP3, CD, DVD, Aux compatible
  3. Exclusive multi-channel management system and level control
  4. Easy set up and smart operation
  5. HDTV compatible
  6. 3.5mm direct input for MP3,MP4 players
  7. Compatible with blue stream technology
The BNW ACOUSTICS  GS-5 front and surround include two 2-½ “ mid and tweeter, while the voice-matched center channel sports the same tweeter with dual mids for clear dialogue and high impact on-screen special effects.

These compact, wall-mountable speakers fits beautifully in most rooms and they are a great cosmetic for a flat panel TV. The 1000 watt powered sub with 8” driver fill in the bass with power and precision for that low frequency rumble that is an absolute must for home theater.

All six speakers works together to create a seamless surround sound experience with movies and they do a great job with multi-channel music, even demanding high resolution sources like SACD and DVD audio. The interface module receives commands from the remote control, send audio information from the TV to the speaker system (connects to TV/HDTV via stereo RCA cable).

The front and surround speakers includes brackets for wall mounting, and the center speaker features and adjustable rear foot which allows you to position it atop your HD/HDTV just right.
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