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Logojoy : Best Logo Maker Online

What’s the fastest way to connect a product to a brand?

The answer is simple, by looking at it’s logo.

Logo, A word that is simple, yet carries a big responsibility.

A logo is an icon, text or symbol that makes a person recognize a brand. Two different businesses cannot use the same logo.

The logo is not just an identification factor of a business but also important for branding purposes.

You may have seen various ads on social media and print media. In each case, the logo is the same. Do you know why businesses are showing their logo? So that if a person does not remember the name of the business, he can still recall the business by remembering it’s logo.

Now you know why the logo is important.

Every business no matter how big or small  needs a logo.

Every year, businesses are investing more money to create new logos and update old logos to make them more attractive and in line with their brand perception.

These are a few of the most common ways how you can get a logo for your own blog or business site:

1) Hiring a Freelance Logo Designer

If you hire a good logo designer, then it can cost you between $100 and $10,000, according to your requirements and the reputation of the freelancer.

2) Creating a Free Logo using an Online Logo Maker:

If you create a free logo that means you save your money and time, and have more control over the final product

When it comes to talking about the best free logo maker available online, Logojoy stands head and shoulders above the competition.

What is LogoJoy?

Logojoy is a the #1 online logo maker. It is popular for many reasons, including live previews, brand guidelines, and complete assortment of design files, including social banners.

Logojoy has been featured in Lifehacker and techcrunch, and has been the tool of choice for over 3 million logos to date.

In addition to Logojoy’s free logo making service, you can also hire their affordablein-house graphic designers to create more professional logos with even more customization.

Here are the plans that you can choose from:

Now, it is the time to create an absolutely free logo using the simple, yet awesome, Logojoy.com.
All you need to do is to follow just few steps before you see the actual logo that you have created using this online logo maker.

·         Visit Logojoy.com
·         Type Your “Company Name” in box and click on make your logo button.
·         Now it is the time to select 5 designs for your logo. Select them and click on continue button.

·         The color of your logo is very important because it sets the mood. Select the color and click on continue.
·         On the next page, you are ready to enter any slogan or can leave it blank and click on continue.
·         Now choose the images you want to associate with your company name and click on Continue.

·         Now signup using social networks or email id.

·         Your logos are ready for you.

You can use various combinations to make the perfect logo for your blog or business site.

If you still have a question, feel free to ask me via the comments.
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