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Insight To The Voicemailing System

There have been many and there are still many ongoing advances in technology. Technology has far reaching standards and has covered every sphere of life. It has shown tremendous advancement and usage in the field of Business marketing in the form of development of a feature regarded as “voicemailing system”.

Early Development

 Originally, voicemailing was only a feature developed for the means of conversation on phones, it served the general purpose of calling and screening the calls. But with the recent advances in technology, the meaning of this word has changed all over providing it a new picture altogether. Voicemail has integrated with the internet, allowing users to connect verbally as well as visually through phones, tablets etc.

Meaning Of Voicemail

Voicemail is a method of storing voice messages electronically for later retrieval by intended recipients. Callers can also leave short messages that are stored on digital media and can be retrieved accordingly.

It also increases the business proficiency. It happens many a times that business professionals are so busy that they cannot give enough time to converse with the clients; in that case, it acts as a low cost connecting system.

Collaboration With The E-Mail

Things took a toll when this unique feature was collaborated with the mailing system. This gave e-mailing a new face. For example Google voice which allows free or low cost worldwide texting. Users are allowed to set up custom greetings for various callers. Address books can also be shared across multiple platforms such as e-mail, landline phone and a mobile phone.

Beneficaries Of Voicemailing System

Voicemailing besides being used for personal purposes can also be used for professional purposes, mostly in business.

How Can Healthcare Services Be Benefitted From?

In case the patient wants to contact with his doctor in case of any emergency, he or she can easily contact with his/ her respective doctor. Moreover it becomes convenient for the busy doctor to listen rather than reading out the same thing.

Help In Business

Clients in business can equally be benefitted from this system by recording and sending a voicemail rather than awaiting the messages of the other person.

Property Dealers

These people receive plenty of phone calls each day which becomes quite irritating to answer each and every time. Therefore many tenants or clients use the voicemailing feature to contact with their dealer. This also makes the job of the dealer easy as he can listen and answer every query after he is free.

This also serves the purpose of instant messaging service and messages can be sent within no time without the headache of typing every single bit. The message is simply recorded and sent and it provides the necessary privacy to the message. It can only encoded by the person to whom you want to convey it.


It includes CPU for running the system and an inbuilt software which gives a feature “speak”. Disk controller then stores the message within and telephone interface system thus allows the message to be encoded by the receiver.
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