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Which smartphone operating system to choose?

As any other device, a smartphone consists of hardware and software. And when it comes to choosing a new phone, either of those components requires consideration. Operating system always goes pre-installed and determines the whole work of your phone and its convenience. There are people who prefer only one OS and stick to it when buying a new gadget. But if it is your first smartphone, you may need the characteristics of the existent phone operating systems to find the one you will like. Here is a description of the most popular OS.

Apple iOS

One of the most famous smartphone brands in the world is Apple. They developed their own operating system called iOS that works on a range of Apple products such as iPod, iPad and iPhone. iOS is quite easy and pleasant to use and is featured by a wide sore of applications. New versions of this system are released every year, still some of old iPhones may not be compatible with the latest iOS updates. The only downside of Apple production is its price. Still, if you want to buy a high-quality device but don’t hunt for the newest tech, go to kijiji.ca to check iPhone 6 prices and find a proper variant.


The Android OS is an open source system produced by Google. Many smartphone manufacturers use this operating system, so you can find it on Samsung, LG, Huawei and many other brands. Depending on the model, Android may have some differences in its interface and functions, but generally this system is rather easy to use. Android OS has its app source called Google Play store which provide a lot of applications. The fact that Android is available on different phones gives you an opportunity to choose from a whole range of devices. There is an Android phone for any budget. However, Android is updated not very regularly, so you may never see the latest version of your operating system.


Windows OS is not as popular as the two systems described above. Still, it provides many useful functions that make Windows phones compatible with computers and laptops. Due to the options of cloud service, automatic backup and some other computer-like features a Windows smartphone can be used as a serious tool for business tasks. Besides, Microsoft offers quite affordable prices for devices with rather good performance. But unlike iOS and Android, this operating system doesn’t support so many apps.


Talking about business smartphones, we can’t skip Blackberry Limited. Manufactured by Canadian company Research In Motion, it has really strong software with high restore and backup capabilities. The main advantage of Blackberry phones is fast emailing, which is very useful in our quick speed of life. Still, Blackberry updates come not very often and the app market leaves a lot to be desired.

Those were the most common phone operating systems. Now you are only to choose one of them, check cell phones prices in your region and buy a gadget that meets your needs.
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