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iPhone8: Apple to launch its iPhoneredesign in August 2017

In the world of electronics and particularly smartphone market, there have been numerous brands that have got their products launched and earned great fame with quality products. As there are lots of brands in the market for a buyer, also it is a difficult situation to decide with the brand he can go and with which he should not. However, over a period, there are a few brands that have got their products much popular in the market. One of such known brand is Apple.

There is no denying the fact that Apple is one of the most loved electronic brands of all time. It offers a sense of opulence and class to the owners. While many prefer Apple products for their flawless features and efficient functionality, for others, it has become a status symbol. Each year Apple has been unveiling its upgraded versions in the market which are received with much enthusiasm. It is also to be noted that initially there was a niche market for Apple products but increasing affordability, awareness and payment options, Apple products are gaining huge momentum. The team of research and development of this brand is constantly engaged in numerous experiments that can change the user's experience of using the device in a few areas.

Apart from MacBook, iPads, and iPods, one of the most popular items from the house of Apple is the iPhone. Within a span of few years,Apple has launched its newer versions, each time amazing the buyers with splendid looks, features, and flawless operating system. It was not long ago that we saw iPhone6, 6s, and 6s plus followed by the iPhone 7 in the market. Now, the brand is all set to amaze the buyers with its latest phone with iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 will hit the market in August 2017.

The iPhone 8 is believed to be a major redesign from its previous phones. It is said that the iPhone 8 might be sold along with upgraded 5.5 and the 4.7-inch phones.

There are only a few months left with the official launching of the device, and hence the experts in the market are quite keen to know the features and specifications of the device that can help the buyers from all the corners.

Display and screen

The Apple iPhone 8 comes with a 5-inch screen which is the average size of most of the iPhone screens. The device packs a full HD OLED display along with a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels with 441 pixels per inch. The capacitive touchscreen of the iPhone 8 responds quickly to multi-touch. The iPhone 8 stands apart from previous devices owing to edge-to-edge OLED display and glass body. It is also equipped with a touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The iPhone 8 will be available in 3 variants with one OLED model and the other two standard ones.  Hence the tradition of the company of launching the device with a few colours is followed by it with this model too.


Apart from the looks and the amazing display, iPhone 8 offers a brilliant Quad-core processor along with the A11 chipset of Apple. Combined, they offer a speed of 2.5 GHz. The device is packed with a 4GB RAM which enables the users to multitask with apps as well as have a fantastic gaming experience. It is the chipset and the processor only for which the brand is famous, and in this model also the company has maintained that legacy.


The iPhone cameras are known to be the best in the market. The picture and video quality of the apple phones are impeccable. The brand takes its legacy ahead with iPhone 8 as well. The device is equipped with dual primary cameras of 12MP each which is further enhanced by a back-illuminated sensor along with autofocus; quadcolour LED flash, ISO control, High dynamic range mode, optical image stabilization and 1.8f aperture.

These features give an image resolution of 4608 x 2592 pixels and video recording at 3840 x 2160 @ 30 fps. The device offers a 7 MP front camera with retina flash and 2.2f aperture.
Storage and battery

The device comes with an internal memory of 32GB which can be further expanded up to 256 GB with micro SD card. Hence this device is free from the limitation of memory, and one can store images and video clips to a great extent.

The iPhone 8 is powered by a 2350mAhLi-ion battery which offers long battery life. The wireless charging and quick charging are notable features here.

Connectivity options

Among the connectivity options, the device offers 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, hotspot, GPS, USB slot, Glonass and near field connectivity. The device comes with a single SIM socket. For those who love NFC, it can be added advantage as the device can be operated with some other NFC gadgets also.


The Apple iPhone 8 price is estimated to be around Rs.64990. The price seems to be apt considering the awesome features. However, this is just an estimated price, and the company has not revealed its official price yet.


The Apple iPhone 8 has created buzz much before its launch. There are many buyers who are looking forward to upgrading to iPhone 8 from their current iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 devices. iPhone 8 is a must buy for its configuration, camera, great display and front retina flash. However, the price and single SIM option can prove to be a drawback for the device.

Many people to love to flaunt the latest versions and hence, it is surely going to capture huge sales. However, many iPhone users also believe that since last few versions of iPhone, the features have been the same in spite of higher prices and therefore it makes no sense to upgrade to the latest device.

Though iPhone 8 looks promising owing to many redesigned features, one will have to wait till the launch for its actual performance.
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