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iPhone tracking- what you need to know

iPhones and iPad apparently collect store that data in a secret file has lots of Apple users or fans who are worried about their privacy. Apple Company has not commented on the allegations and it appears the company does not have continuous access to the location data and according to the researchers one of whom says he is a former Apple employee. This all iPhone Tracking is may be confusing for iPhone owners, especially since this news terrifies some and seemed like a lot of fun to others this is to help clear things up. Here is some information that you need to know.

How does the iPhone collect the location data?

This uses mobile phones towers to triangulate an approximate location and this is not accurate as GPS, this uses satellites to pinpoint a mobile`s where about. How often is a location recorded? The data is stored on the phone's device and on the computer the device is synced to.

Who has access to this?

Apple devices do not appear to have access to this data and according to the researchers; it appears the company does not know where you are right now. These cell phones companies also collect the data but that data normally requires a court order to gain access to it and whereas this is available to everyone who can get their hands on your cell phones or laptop. The file which tells the location is unencrypted and anyone can access to your cell phone or laptop and get access to it and know where you have been.

Can someone steal this data?

It is possible for someone can look at this file and know where you have been. But they would have to gain access to your phone or laptop and where the consolidated file is stored. There is no immediate harm that would seem to come from the availability of the data and there is no evidence to suggest the data is leaving your custody.

How can you stop the information from being collected?

It is not easy, you can delete the data from your laptop, computer by making it less likely a hacker family member would access it. Usually, people who jailbreak their cell phone can download a new app known as untracked, which claims to delete the consolidated file as it`s created and then this app is available from the Cydia app store.

Why Apple collects and stores this information on phones and computers?

This is unclear that the company has not commented but some of the bloggers and the researchers have themselves speculate that they could be looking for a future app for cell phones. Many people especially tech elite don`t think it is fun to use the iPhone Tracking program to see the map of where they have been recently and locate it. They usually point out that the mobile phones companies already collect all the data and just makes it accessible to the users and if they want to see it then only.
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